“Center of Reference Materials and High-Purity Substances” Ltd.

(“CRM”, Ltd., Saint-Petersburg)

26 years – professional respect for quality

Elaboration, manufacture and supply of metrological assurance means for quality control of waters, aqueous media, different types of production in forms of composition and properties CRM, RM and high-purity substances.

The production is provided by:

  • Reliable primary certification methods, based on the use of primary and secondary standards, precise measuring instruments, measurement procedures of approved accuracy, and also reliable insrtumental quality control of production;
  • Certificate of accreditation in the international system ILAC-MRA APLAC for the compliance with ISO Guide 34:2009, No AAC.RM.00157 dated 02.07.2012;

Our Customers are several thousand organizations of different branches of national economy of the

We offer:

182 types of RM, including 166 types of CRM status in accordance with international classification, and other of RM status.

165 types of RM are in Russian State Register of RM approved types, and are recognized as International RM of CIS countries. Some RM are recognized as working standards:

  • composition CRM of aqueous solution for cations and anions, inorganic and organic substances, including multicomponent for spectral analysis;
  • CRM of aqueous solutions properties (turbidity, colour, COD, BOD, specific electrical conductivity, total hardness, total alkalinity, TDS, etc.);
  • composition CRM of pure organic substances and its solutions in organic solvents;
  • composition CRM for quality control of mineral oils, agro-, food- and other types of products;
  • weight amounts of the standard materials for preparation of the buffer pH solutions- operational pH standards, in accordance with national standards GOST 8.135-2004 and GOST 8.120-2014;
  • measuring tools and laboratory equipment for water quality control;
  • service on additional purification small amounts packing of inorganic and organic reagents;
  • development and production of RM, CRM, samples for quality control, attested mixtures of substances etc. in accordance with the demands of the Customers;
  • consulting on the CRM and RM use in analytical practice.
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